Psyren, Vol. 6: Flame

Psyren, Vol. 6
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Psyren, Vol. 6

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Neon Genesis Evangelion 3-in-1 Edition, Vol. Please Save My Earth, Vol. Red River, Vol. A, Vol. Retrieved April 6, Retrieved November 14, Retrieved June 14, Retrieved August 11, Retrieved September 3, Categories : Lists of manga volumes and chapters. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An occurrence of people's disappearances in the world is attributed to an urban legend called Psyren. Ageha Yoshina receives a Psyren calling card from a cloaked figure, dubbed as Nemesis Q, and uses it to search for his missing classmate Sakurako Amamiya.

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Several others, including Ageha, who received the card are sent to a desolated world filled with monsters called Taboo. There, Ageha finds Sakurako and is reunited with a childhood friend named Hiryu Asaga. He learns that Nemesis Q has arranged a goal post for the participants which will send them back home.

After most of the survivors were killed, Ageha and his friends are able to reach the goal and return home safely. They are then introduced to Matsuri Yagumo, Sakurako's trainer and a previous participant of Psyren, who reveals that the world they sent to is future Japan and trains them to use their psychic abilities, dubbed as Psi, which was awakened during their exposure to the future's atmosphere.

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Elsewhere on live TV, a movie star named Oboro Mochizuki attempts to reveal his knowledge of Psyren but is put into cardiac arrest by Nemesis Q's powers; he is saved by Elmore Tenjuin, an elderly woman offering a reward on information on Psyren. Soon after, Nemesis Q sends all its participants back to the future where they are attacked by a giant worm Taboo.

Aside from the giant monster, they are snipped by a mind controlled Tatsuo Mana, a friend of Hiryu who went missing prior to the series. Hiryu attempts to call upon Tatsuo's mind but is mortally wounded as a result.

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The secrets of Psyren are nothing right now compared to going up against a team of Psionists who've been using their power to steal from the yakuza! Thankfully. (Psyren #6). by Flame The secrets of Psyren are nothing right now compared to going up against a team of Psionists who've .. This volume marks an interesting change from the previous ones, as the plot takes place wholly in the present.

Ageha, using his new found abilities, destroys Tatsuo's mind control device but is brain damaged due to overexertion. Oboro uses his newly awakened abilities to heal the two and save their lives. With Tatsuo's help, the group are able to reach the goal and return home. Matsuri has her friend, Kagetora Hyodo, train the group to use their psi to enhance their physical abilities during battle; Ageha also receives training to control his unique psi ability, dubbed as Melzez Door.

There, Ageha learns from the children tricks to control Melzez Door. Nemesis Q then summons the group for their next journey where their teammate, Kabuto Kirisaki, takes them to his uncle's shelter in order to forge for information. Meanwhile, Kagetora deals with a three-man-group consisting of Kyotada Inui, Lan Shinonome, and Haruhiko Yumeji who have been using their psi abilities to steal. Kagetori is outmaneuvered and captured by them instead.

Ageha and Elmore's children mount a rescue and defeat the criminals. Afterwards Lan and Haruhiko revealed they needed money to pay for the medical fees of Lan's sister, Chika Shinonome; Kagatora then calls the healer Ian who heals Chika. The DVD reveals more information regarding Elmore's death and the group travel to the airport to prevent it.